TOMO Restaurant to Open at Ritz-Carlton Residences Buckhead

Tomo Sushi at the Ritz-Carlton Residences Atlanta in Buckhead

I took a client (and good friend) to see the Ritz-Carlton Residences yesterday. While we were chatting at the entrance to the building, he noticed a large window covering with the word “TOMO” across it. Sure enough it’s the same TOMO in Vinings. This is my favorite sushi place in Atlanta, so I am very excited.

I have been making the trek to Vinings to eat at TOMO since moving to Atlanta a number of years ago. People always ask me why I drive so far to eat sushi when there are a number of excellent choices right here in Buckhead. Come on! It’s only about ten minutes from me and it’s a small price to pay for the best quality sushi anywhere.

Tomo Sushi at the Ritz-Carlton Residences Atlanta in Buckhead

Below: One of my favorite desserts “Mango Sunnyside Up”, better known as Bacon and Eggs – Fresh mango jelly, coconut pannacotta, crepe strip, candied grapefruit, cinnamon “pepper” and confectionery sugar “salt”. Where can you find something so creative that tastes so amazing?

Tomo Sushi at the Ritz-Carlton Residences Atlanta in Buckhead

TOMO isn’t cheap if you order like I do, but you can be assured of having the absolute best service, the best FRESH food and sake, and the friendliest staff. I love to sit at the counter and not order a single thing to eat. I find the experience is best when Tom Naito (the owner) makes everything in front of me and surprises me with his latest creations. This isn’t the kind of place you go to to have California rolls! Everything is so good and fresh, it doesn’t matter what you order. It all melts in your mouth.

Tom Naito has worked in New York, Boston, Maine, Las Vegas and Atlanta. He is fluent in Japanese cooking, as well as French and Italian cooking. I’m sure you have heard of NoBu? Master Chef NoBu Matsuhisa invited Tom to work at his Las Vegas restaurant for three years. What a terrific opportunity that was.

Try TOMO in Vinings.

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  1. says: Chris

    Vinings isn’t far at all, I guess some don’t venture out much from Buckhead 🙂 Anyways,that’s fantastic news for the Ritz, good to hear openings like this in this rebounding economy.

  2. says: Tomo

    Wow ! You scooped it! I was going to keep it secret ’til the end of next month.
    I didn’t know that they enlarged for the rendering and posted in that size.
    Well, John Kessler has written about it, and I’m already been asked by many
    other people now. So I decided just let it go.
    Stop by sometime. Don’t be a stranger.

  3. says: Kevin Grieco

    Hi Tom! I didn’t have your email address, otherwise I would have sent you a link to the post. We are due for a spectacular sushi dinner! We will be in before Thanksgiving!!

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