Inside Seventh Midtown Atlanta (Exclusive First Look Inside)

Juniper Floor Plan - This terrace is approximately 46'5" x 10'5". This is HUGE!
Juniper Floor Plan – This terrace is approximately 46’5″ x 10’5″. This is HUGE!

Last week I took a hardhat tour of Seventh Midtown. I was so curious to see how the interior was progressing and I think you will be pleasantly surprised. I toured two floor plans on the third floor and two floor plans on the eight floor. Normally, I don’t caption the photos, but in this case I need to explain what you are looking at. Sometimes it’s hard to tell because we are looking at drywall or steel framing and not a finished unit.

After taking a walk around, it’s clear to see the units are quite spacious, the floor plans are well thought out and it’s going to be a great place to live in Midtown.

Excuse the rough photos – not like my normal quality! It’s a construction site!!!


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