Buckhead Grand Goes Smokeless

Buckhead Grand March 2014

This is the first time I have seen this at a condo building in Atlanta. If you are a smoker and live at Buckhead Grand, you’ll have to go off campus to light up – and I do mean way off campus. The Condominium Association has amended the bylaws to restrict smoking pretty much anywhere on the property.

According to the documents I read, this includes, but is not limited to, within the individual Units and balconies (yes, your own terrace), corridors and elevator lobbies assigned as Limited Common Elements to the Units, anywhere else in the Condominium building, the parking desk serving the condominium building and on any Common Element space at the front entrance and the traffic circle of the condominium building.

They have defined smoke as anything coming from a cigar, cigarette, pipe and even went to far as to clearly state it includes marijuana or similar organic substances. No more 420!

Smoking fines go up to $100 per violation, so be warned. How can you get fined? Someone needs to either report seeing an individual smoke somewhere on campus or they can simply smell smoke coming from a particular unit and report it. This leads me to question whether smoking was a big issue in the building in the first place and who exactly pushed for this.

I’m not a smoker, but there should be a designated smoking area at the very least. I’m all for not smoking inside the common areas of the building.

How would you feel if you previously purchased in a building and were then told you can no longer smoke – even out on your own terrace? Seems quite restrictive to me. Yeah, yeah, I know… smoking is harmful to your health, but I think this is taking it to a new high.

What do you think?

Buckhead Grand Smokeless

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  1. says: Joel Ybarra

    Terrible direction Buckhead Grand! You should have no problem filling up your building now. So you’re now going to rely on your nieghbor, who you may no get along with, to report on whether or not they saw you smoke? Well at least they didn’t outlaw smoking in your vehicle

  2. says: Matt

    I lived in Buckhead Grand a few years back and my experience with smoke was not a good one. I’m not a smoker so it did bother me. People would smoke in their bathrooms with the ventilation fans on but it would make its way into the bathrooms of other units. Not sure how this happened but I experienced it first hand. Never smelled anything else that would come from a bathroom luckily! Smelled smoke regularly on my balcony, people smoked in the stairwells which made its way into the hallways. I never complained about it and never heard complaints from anyone else but it was definitely not cool how bad it was.

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