ST Residential Sells Remaining Unsold Atlantic Condominium Inventory In Bulk Sale

The Atlantic Condominium,,

In a letter dated January 13, ST Residential advised all home owners they received and accepted an unsolicited bulk sale offer to sell the remaining inventory of the 401-unit The Atlantic condominium located at Atlantic Station in Midtown. According to a source, the purchaser is a well-resepected real estate company located in Miami Beach, Florida – Crescent Heights (this has not been confirmed yet).

ST’s general strategy is to sell homes unit by unit to the public, but according to the letter, the bulk sale is in line with the bottom line pricing for each unit overall. So basically ST Residential was able to get their bottom line pricing and is going to unload the building inventory to another seller.

An affiliate of Miami Beach-based Crescent Heights paid $50.4 million for the remaining 241 units in the Tao condominium in Sunrise back in May last year. They then decided to lease the remaining units, rather than sell them individually. Who knows if this will be the plan for the The Atlantic. The Atlantic has a rental cap of 25% so I think it would be hard to turn the building into rentals.

Large multi-family distressed/bulk condo deals are a good sign that the bottom has been reached and investors are taking advantage of the opportunity in the market. I’m sure we will get more information when the deal is formally announced.

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