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If you have been reading my quarterly results posts, you will notice in previous periods the sales in the upper ranges were few and far in between. The new data now shows the train has indeed left the station and more buyers are purchasing condos above the $800,000 price range. This is more than double the transactions from last quarter (on my previous list). The results are encouraging and exciting. As a side note, only two transactions on my list were cash and the rest were all financed (lenders are now starting to get comfortable with giving money to buyers in high-end condos).

I have targeted the highest sales above $800,000. Missing from the fourth quarter is Sovereign which had closings in every quarter up to now. But don’t worry, they have a condo under contract for $2,700,000.

  1. St Regis Residences Buckhead Unit 1730 | Closed on 10/20 for $3,300,000 (MLS Available Properties)
  2. Ritz-Carlton Residences Buckhead Unit 3402 | Closed on 12/1 for $2,414,394 (MLS Available Properties)
  3. The Mansion on Peachtree Unit 41B | Closed on 11/18/ for $2,150,005 (MLS Available Properties)
  4. The Bellingrath Unit 3 | Closed on 11/29 for $1,350,000 (MLS Available Properties)
  5. The Brookwood Unit 1901 | Closed on 10/6 for $1,135,700 (MLS Available Properties)
  6. Park Avenue Unit 29S | Closed on 12/15 for $1,165,00 (MLS Available Properties)
  7. Ritz-Carlton Residences Buckhead Unit 3107 | Closed on 12/14 for $1,113,500 (MLS Available Properties)
  8. Regents Park Unit 9 | Closed on 10/21 for $1,050,000 (MLS Available Properties)
  9. West Wesley Townhomes Unit 4 | Closed 12/2 for $1,000,000
  10. West Wesley Townhomes Unit 3 | Closed 11/2 for $1,000,000
  11. West Wesley Townhomes Unit 5 | Closed 10/28 for $990,000
  12. West Wesley Townhomes Unit 1 | Closed 11/7 for $980,000 
  13. The Brookwood Unit 2001 | Closed on 11/11 for $970,000 (MLS Available Properties)
  14. Above the Four Seasons Unit 4310 | Closed 12/19 for $919,900 (MLS Available Properties)
  15. 2500 Peachtree Unit 704 |Closed on 10/26 for $895,000 (MLS Available Properties)
  16. 2500 Peachtree Unit 606 |Closed on 11/29 for $830,000 (MLS Available Properties)
  17. Ritz-Carlton Residences Buckhead Unit 2304 | Closed on 10/06 for $805,000 (MLS Available Properties)
  18. Ritz-Carlton Residences Buckhead Unit 2104 | Closed on 12/13 for $799,500 (MLS Available Properties)

Aside from these results, there are 12 Pending Sales in FMLS (First Multiple Listing Service) ranging from $618,000 to $2,700,000 and 209 Pending Sales ranging from $200,000 to $579,900 as of today. So yes, there is activity in the market. This does not include units under contract that are not listed in the MLS, like from new construction developer units. And, as we learned in the past, we can’t count on pending sale because they may or may not close. What we can count on are solid sales.

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