Top 8 Atlanta Condo Sales for Third Quarter 2011,, midtown atlanta skyline

The days are flying by and we are pretty close to the end of the year. I’ve been super busy as the market continues to heat up and our inventory continues to shrink. I pulled the highest sales for the third quarter and the results were interesting. New construction condos are continuing to sell very well in all price ranges. Since this post is about the upper price range, I have targeted the highest sales above $700,000. You’ll notice that buyers are now going to a variety of properties and not just Sovereign like last quarter (which pretty much dominated the highest closings).

So what does the top 8 list look like?

  1. Sovereign Unit 3304 | Closed on 8/12 for $1,300,000 (MLS Available Properties)
  2. The Aberdeen Unit 1101 | Closed on 8/29 for $1,285,250 (MLS Available Properties)
  3. Gallery Unit PH 2601 | Closed on 9/23 for $1,000,000 (MLS Available Properties)
  4. Park Place Unit 37E&F | Closed on 8/01 for $975,000 (MLS Available Properties)
  5. Ritz-Carlton Residences Buckhead Unit 1801 | Closed on 7/22 for $956,725 (MLS Available Properties)
  6. Ritz-Carlton Residences Buckhead Unit 2404 | Closed on 8/04 for $799,500 (MLS Available Properties)
  7. The Atlantic Unit 4502 | Closed on 7/01 for $733,033 (MLS Available Properties)
  8. Astoria Unit 901| Closed on 7/29 for $726,000 (MLS Available Properties)

There is plenty of activity in the lower price range also. The under $300,000 category continues to thrive and we are starting to see a sellers market emerge. Surprising and exciting!

Next quarter we’ll see the first sale happen at the Mansion on Peachtree (since the new owners took over) and another building which has recently come back to market. Exciting stuff for the condo market and a definite sign the market is coming back to life in full force.

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  1. says: Chris

    Nooooo…my 1801 at the Ritz is gone! That was my favorite floorplan. In other news I almost forgot about the Aberdeen, IMO the best views in the metro are had from the Vinings area.

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