Craft Restaurant & Bar at Mansion Close Earlier Than Expected

Mansion on Peachtree, Craft Closing,

On December 14 I announced Tom Colicchio would be closing the doors to Craft Restaurant & Craft Bar on Valentine’s Day. It seems they decided to close a little earlier than expected, try last weekend! But does it really make a difference? It’s only one or two weeks and I’m sure Celebrity Chef Tom Colicchio was anxious to be completely out of the space. I wrote him earlier today to ask him what the reason was for the sudden closing. His tweet response? “The staff all relocated to other restaurants. We didn’t have enough employees to staff the restaurant.” No staff equals no food.  What does the Mansion have in store for it’s prime restaurant space? Rumors have been floating around, but since I don’t really deal with rumors too much, we’ll have to wait and see. I would love to hear your thoughts on what will be happening with the space, so feel free to comment here.

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