The Atlantic Residences Exterior Shots

The Atlantic Residences Exterior Shots on

The Atlantic Residences at Atlantic Station in Midtown exterior facade combines modern architecture with art deco influences. Thankfully, there are glass railed terraces to enjoy the spectacular views. I have two things I really don’t get in Atlanta. First, why does anyone build a high rise without glass railing terraces? Also, why don’t the developers take the time to paint the underside of the terraces? I know it’s more cost effective, but it leaves the building looking unfinished when gazing up from the street.

Above is a shot looking up to the crown of the building, which looks terrific. It’s interesting, classic and modern and fits in with the structure of the building. Every other floor in the building has a half-wall/half-glass combo in one main room. It’s a furniture wall for residents who don’t really want the floor-to-ceiling glass window look. Part of the reason to purchase in the condo building is the view, but if you have a lot of furniture and need the space, a unit like that will suit your needs perfectly.

The Atlantic Residences Exterior Shots on

Below: The 17th Street entrance to the building.

The Atlantic Residences Exterior Shots on

The Atlantic Residences Exterior Shots on

Below: The side entrance to the building. The  garage is to the right .

The Atlantic Residences Exterior Shots on

The Atlantic Residences Exterior Shots on

The Atlantic Residences Exterior Shots on

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  1. says: Joe

    The Atlantic is classy building with a lot of character that is garnering confidence as it begins to crawl and then hopefully will walk on its own soon. I just hope that the beautiful building & amentities don’t attract too much riff raff like its little step sister accross the street at twelve and its rash of foreclosures that has turned that building into a college dormitory. I’m confident in the management. They are doing the right thing, taking there time. They recently announced a major amenity upgrade too, 20 thousand sq ft sky park addition next to pool w/ tennis court.

  2. says: Thom

    Kevin…did you know you can get arrested for taking pictures in Atlantic Station? SEriously!!!! I was touring the Atlantic and was going to take some outdoor pictures when the sales person told me that it is all considered private property and he has witnessed on several occasions where Atlantic Station security STOPPED tourists who were taking pictures.

    That said…yours are awesome!

  3. says: Erik Dowdy

    Kevin, thanks for profiling The Atlantic. Full-sized luxury living has never been so attainable unitl now. ST Residential has partnered directly with FDIC to reset pricing and release homes at “now” prices. Effective 1/1/11, sub-replacement aquisition AND reduced HOA costs have assured Atlantic buyers are free from the foreclosure and auction bubbles many other projects have been subjected to in Atlanta. Further, the lending/financing community is assuring the market that only the most financially and credit-worthy buyers (outside of cash) are entering the market today.

    From the inside, owners are having a blast with all the new amenities and services available since closings began late 2010. Lobby, at Twelve, now offers Atlantic owners a discounted menu and Room Service and Catering at cost, without the hotel. It has been a pleasure seeing this iconic tower from foundation-through-finish become the success that it is.

    Keep up the good work, your Clients are well served by your deep knowledge of the Atlanta RE market! Thanks for helping those looking for something new, unique and priced far below replacement cost find new home that feels like a HOME.

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