Few Limitations Are Found 42 Stories in the Sky

The Mansion on Peachtree

Last week I took you inside The Mansion’s residential lobby and some of the hotel. Today we are going up to the 42nd floor, where work has begun on the model home. What you are going to see is just the start of the model. The furniture, artwork, objects and everything else that goes into making a grand space still needs to be installed. 

I learned a lot about The Mansion on my visit and why this is one of Atlanta’s greatest architectural buildings in years. The complexity of the design isn’t fully understood until you are walking around from room to room within the spaces. Everything you see at the model is merely a suggestion.

Below: Standing in the Library looking into the Great Room
The Mansion on Peachtree

Let’s start with the floor plan, which happens to be a 2 bedroom, 3.5 bath home. These range in price from about $3,003,200 – $3,265,980 and are approximately 3,533 to 3,754 square feet. The spaces are quite large by condo standards.

The Mansion on Peachtree

 Fast Facts:

  • $185 million mixed-use development
  • The Mansion on Peachtree was developed by City Centre Properties and is the first building in Atlanta to have a purpose-built hotel with luxury condominiums residing above.
  • The building is designed by Manhattan-based architect Robert A.M. Stern with local architect of record, Milton Pate Architects, and managed by Rosewood Hotels & Resorts in Dallas,
  • Ceiling heights of 12-and-a-half-foot, crown molding and stunning city views
  • The Mansion on Peachtree is a 616,000-square-foot building
  • It stands 610-feet tall and towers over Peachtree Street with 42 stories
  • 1.63 acres; 600,000 square feet, all-inclusive
  • Two five-star restaurants (Neo and Craft), world class fitness center with Ferrari exercise equipment, indoor pool, 29 Spa, catering and every amenity you can imagine
  • 10 floors of hotel space – including 96 rooms and 31 suites
  • 27 floors of condos – 42 units, possibly less after units are combined; 3 Garden Villas at approximately 5,000 square feet
  • Biometric keyless entry system for residents – simply swipe a valid fingerprint across the sensor to access your private elevator and home
  • VisionArt – Inside The Mansion’s hotel rooms and suites, flat-screen televisions feature VisionArt, a screen of art that retracts via remote control to unveil the television
Below: Standing in the dining room looking toward the living room. At the far end behind the double-sided fireplace is the library. 

The Mansion on Peachtree

The building is a poured-in-place concrete structure with precast and castone skin and punched aluminum and thermal window openings. The parking levels are conventionally reinforced concrete. The hotel levels up through level 14 are post-tension reinforced concrete, then on level 15, there is a unique transfer truss system that’s literally the size of some bridge steel you see on roadways. This was to transfer column loads from the narrower portions of the building to the wider portions of the building. So, there are structural steel girders introduced into a concrete frame to transfer the load of the weight of the narrower building above down to the wider building columns below. Then, above level 15, where the condos are, conventional reinforced concrete was used.

What does this mean for a prospective buyer? Let’s say you want to purchase 2 units stacked on top of each other on the 42nd and 43rd floors. In almost every condo building in Atlanta you can buy the two units, but you would never be able to connect them. At The Mansion, you can simply cut away part of the floor and add an elevator or grand staircase without worrying about cutting a post-tension tendon because you’re just cutting through the rebar. If you want to have your bathroom in a certain spot, no problem. Just tell your interior designer and architect where you want everything. That is the beauty of this building. There are no limitations. This is the main reason why the units are sold as shells. 

Below: The library.
The Mansion on Peachtree

Below: The windows throughout the building are quite large. The ceiling heights are 12 feet – that’s after you put in the floor and ceiling.  
The Mansion on Peachtree

Below: The Gallery leading to the great room. This was one of my favorite spaces in the condo.
The Mansion on Peachtree

Below: The kitchen – complete with top-of-the-line appliances, including a 6 burner gas range and walk-in pantry.
The Mansion on Peachtree

Below: The Family Room has built-in shelves and enough room to have a comfortable seating area.
The Mansion on Peachtree

Below: One of your stunning views. It’s a clear shot looking toward downtown.
The Mansion on Peachtree

Below: The condo’s large terrace, which is about 15′-8″ by 17′-2″. I couldn’t fit the terrace in one photo.
The Mansion on Peachtree

Below: Another view from the terrace. You feel very protected from the elements.
The Mansion on Peachtree

I will go back to the building once the model has been completed and take some additional shots for you. In the meantime, if you have any questions I can answer, either post them here or call me. 

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  1. says: Chris

    Wow…I didn’t realize all that went into building The Mansion, the biometric keyless entry system, the flooring etc. very cool, thanks for sharing these great pics.

  2. says: Mike H

    What are the Garden Villas like and how much do they go for? I’ve always wondered how much privacy they have from people strolling through the English garden.

  3. says: Kevin Grieco

    The Garden Villas are between 4,366 and 4,939 square feet. They range in price from $5,239,200 to $5,926,800. They have sold one already. There is a photo on my blog showing the outside of the unit, but I know they are 3 stories. To me, it’s like living in a town home so you have to have shades facing the Garden.

  4. says: Kevin Grieco

    Indeed Brad. It’s really something to see. I did have a change to go into the duplex penthouse shell and the space/views are stunning. I have some photos of it for a future post I’m doing in about two weeks.

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