Is Your Condo Missing Something?

You are already thinking about the summer heat in Atlanta, so let’s fast forward to winter. I saw this on one of my favorite blogs today and thought it was a brilliant (but expensive) idea.

Most developers don’t install gas in their building due to the expense, but if you are like most Atlantan’s, you need and desire to sit by a warm fire in the winter. The latest crop of luxury buildings offer gas cooking appliances, but what do you do when you are in a building where gas isn’t an option.

TravelMate Conmoto

One company called Conmoto has come up with a very creative solution – the Travelmate Portable Fireplace. This amazing smokeless fireplace is made of black powder-coated steel and glass with an adjustable steel fuel-holder which burns on bio-ethanol liquid fuel. The glass pane, which is held on with magnets, is only removed in order to light the fire. Once the glass pane has been replaced, the fuel tank can be opened and closed, using the stainless steel slide at the front of the fireplace, thereby allowing the flames to be regulated from the outside. Now the glass pane once again protects the fire and you can relax and enjoy the warmth it puts out.

You can carry this fireplace throughout your condo to set the mood anywhere you like – by the dining room table, the living room, the library or even on your terrace. This particular fireplace is 20″ h by 28″ w by 8″ d and weighs 55 pounds.

The bio-ethanol fuel burns for about 2.5 – 3.5 hours. What’s the fireplace cost? $3,300 (available from

Check with your association to make sure they will allow you to use a product like this in your condo.

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