12th & Midtown Offers Hint of What’s to Come

1010 Midtown

I went to the 12th & MIdtown presentation last night. They didn’t release any new information, but they did go over the what would be in each phase of development (generally speaking). There were two presentations shown, one of which outlined the target demographics and also a “walk down peachtree” showing what the landscape could like like by 2012. It was really impressive to watch. 

1010 Midtown

The stores that will be lining Peachtree Street will mostly all be flagship stores. 12th & Midtown wants stores that either do not currently have a presence in Atlanta or companies that want to expand away from suburbia. The idea is to create a Midtown shopping, dining, working and living mecca. Atlanta is sure to become one of the top shopping destinations in the country.

I did manage to talk with quite a few people who attended the event. One person told me Saks Fifth Avenue was considering putting their store into one of the phases and Apple was also thrown into the mix. (I think Apple is leaning toward 999 Peachtree.) Ritz Carlton is planning to build a new hotel at 14th and West Peachtree. We’ll see if they put some luxury condos on top of the hotel. I suspect they will because many luxury chains are following the trend. In addition, another 5 star luxury brand will be setting up shop in a future 12th & Midtown phase. The brand wasn’t disclosed, but it’s going to be unique to AtlantaEquinox Fitness Club will be entering the Atlanta market somewhere in 12th & Midtown.

Daniel Corp.’s and Selig Enterprises’ $1.1 billion 12th & MIdtown project will add up to 2.5 million-square feet of fabulousness over four city blocks. It will include more than 1,000 premium residences and up to 300,000 square feet of high-end retail. It will also feature two office towers — comprising 725,000 and 500,000 square feet of class A office space — and two boutique hotels.

Below: The Loews Hotel – (Completion in 2010) The building will have 60 luxury residences on top. Loews will be different from any other Loews in the chain. The Atlanta hotel promises to be more luxurious, upscale and  hip than any project they have done before.  
1010 Midtown

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