The Best of Both Worlds at Luxe

Luxe B2 Living Room

I went to Luxe yesterday to take care of some things for a client and this incredible unit was brought to my attention. I thought I would share it with you. This is probably one of my favorite units in the building. It’s a 8th floor, B2 plan located on the northwest corner of the building. I know, you are thinking the eighth floor? There is something to be said for being on a lower floor. You have a connection to the ground, but still have the incredible views of the skyrise around you. 

The master suite is quite nice. It’s like having your own apartment inside your condo. Best of all, your bathroom has a window which looks out to the skyrise. So does your bedroom. Pretty nice. 

This is the best deal in the building for the space – priced at $497,900. If you want to see it, please let me know. 

Below: Your view from the balcony.
Luxe View

Below: Top-of-the-line kitchen with breakfast bar.
Luxe B2 Kitchen

Below: Your kitchen with gas range.
Luxe B2 Kitchen

Below: Floor to ceiling windows look out to trees and the skyrise.

Luxe B2 Windows

Below: The floorplan.
Luxe B2 Reverse Floor Plan

Luxe Exterior Shot

Below: Updated exterior shot of the building. The building has drywall up to the 19th floor. 
Luxe Full Exterior

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  1. says: Chris

    You know me, I never have a bad thing to say about this place-the best location in midtown. Thanks for the update!

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