Luxe Midtown Photo Update

Luxe Midtown View
Above: Standing on the 3 bedroom corner unit balcony looking at the amazing view.

Closings at Luxe for two bedrooms are scheduled to begin sometime in September and three bedrooms in October or November. Of course, this is always subject to change, but I suspect closings will be right around those time frames. The building is well underway, with the outside glass almost reaching the penthouse level. You can really see everything taking shape nicely as they work from the bottom of the building up to the top, completing the amenities area and luxury condos. Don’t mind all the paint cans and drywall laying around. It is a construction site after all!

More photos in this post.

Below: Entry to building off 12th Street.
Luxe Midtown Foyer Entry to Building

Below: Spa area. I’m standing at the entrance to the pool.
Luxe Midtown Spa Area

Below: Pool deck taking shape nicely.
Luxe Midtown Pool Deck

Below: 3 bedroom corner unit view. 1010 Midtown to the right, Midtown/Downtown to the left.
Luxe Midtown 3 Bedroom View

Below: Almost completed kitchen.
Luxe Midtown Kitchen

Luxe Midtown Kitchen

Luxe Midtown Kitchen

Below: Coveted corner unit. There are only two left in the building.
Luxe Midtown Corner Unit

Below: 3 bedroom balcony view
Luxe Midtown 3 Bedroom View

Below: Your grand foyer entry leading into your unit. Plenty of room for art!
Luxe Midtown Unit Foyer

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  1. says: Chris

    Wow! You’ve just made my day with these pics! I really love the foyer-it makes for a grand entrance into the units. The views from this unit are breathtaking-as usual. Albeit not complete, I can tell the amenities level will be spectacular.

  2. says: Chris

    When I’m ready I’ll need your services… but I want one now! 🙂 From reading this post, I see that my coveted corner units are going fast!

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