The Mansion’s Gold Crown Controversy

There has been a lot of discussion about The Mansion on Peachtree’s Gold crown. Some people love it and some people really think it is entirely underwhelming. Consider this: the slim profile of the building, the understated elegance of the exterior, simplicity of the buildings design and terrace setbacks. I’m not really sure what else would have looked great on top of the building. I think it fits in with look of the building. I would have liked a little more height and perhaps the grooves could have been a little more pronounced. Maybe a little more “New York” style? What are your thoughts? I’d love to know so feel free to comment. 

The Mansion on Peachtree Gold Crown

The Mansion on Peachtree Gold Crown

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  1. says: Chris

    Ehh, IMHO, the gold crown doesn’t hurt the appeal of The Mansion but it doesn’t add much either; a place like The Mansion can stand on its own.

  2. says: Nathan

    Not a fan. Looks like a row of staples, wooden fence, or a cartoon-like crew cut. With that said, I suppose it’s better than nothing, but I’d be for something more fab.

  3. says: John

    I saw the crown this week from a distance and actually thought it was a temporary plywood structure. Ugly.

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