Streets Of Buckhead Mixes Classic and Hip Styles

These terrific photos of the models were released, so I thought I would share them with you. These photos give you a good idea of what to expect in 2009 at the Streets of Buckhead. I am really impressed with the design of the buildings, especially the hotels. They look quite interesting and aren’t your standard cookie-cutter designs. One is very elegant, while the other is ultra hip. It’s a nice mix for the project and gives something for everyones taste.

Below: Peachtree Road South View – Baccarat Hotel and Residences
Streets of Buckhead Bacarat Hotel

There are a lot more photos in this post! 

Below: Peachtree Road South View. 1 Hotel and Residences to the left. Baccarat Hotel and Residences to the right.
Streets of Buckhead Peachtree Road South View

Below: Buckhead Avenue and Bolling Way view.
Streets of Buckhead Buckhead Avenue Bolling Way

Below: Buckhead Avenue
Streets of Buckhead - Buckhead Avenue

Below: Peachtree Road and Pharr Road. 1 Hotel and Residences. Great pool and landscaping.
Streets of Buckhead - Peachtree and Pharr Road

Below: Peachtree Road North View. 1 Hotel and Residences exterior. Ultra hip garden at the top.
Streets of Buckhead - Peachtree North View

Below: Peachtree Road North West View. 1 Hotel and Residences exterior.
Streets of Buckhead - Peachtree NW View

Below: Project Master Plan
Streets of Buckhead Master Plan

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