Atlanta Homes & Lifestyles Magazine Features Stunning Luxe Penthouse

Luxe Penthouse

Many buyers of condominiums around the globe simply move into a newly purchased space without doing any alterations. But what happens when buyers take the space and transforms it into what it was really mean to be? The space then becomes stunning and magnificent. I have been in this very penthouse space before it was purchased and I can tell you firsthand the layout needed some tweaking. The space already had gorgeous views of the city but it lacked personality and the rooms needed to opened up.  According to the article, the owners took only seven short days to figure out how to change the space. But it took over a year to complete. Attention to detail is the kay here.

One of my favorite rooms in the penthouse is the kitchen. It’s no surprise the kitchen is spectacular, since they own Design Galleria Kitchen & Bath Studio located in Buckhead at Peachtree Hills. I absolutely love the sink, which is made from Striata Mocha marble. It’s a complete departure from the standard developer finishes.

I don’t want to give too much away, so be sure and pick up a copy of the latest issue to see all the photos.

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  • Thanks for the link Kevin. I love the color scheme, and the outdoor decor. The illuminated seating is a cool effect.