Ten Seventy Five at the Loews (photo update)

Ten Seventy Five at the Loews

Ten Seventy Five at the Loews is coming along nicely. The building has reached it’s full height and the glass exterior has almost been completely installed. I took these photos when I was inside the amazing 1010 Midtown penthouse last week.

Next week, I’ll continue my penthouse series. I’ll be bring you one special property each day next week, so check my blog for updates. 

Ten Seventy Five at the Loews

Below: The residents only pool deck. Only 52 homes will have access to this premium space – with outstanding views of Midtown. 

Ten Seventy Five at the Loews

Below: Crazy… If you look at the construction worker to the right, he is standing on the ledge. It looks pretty dangerous to me, but he has his yellow safety harness on. The traditional evergreen tree signals the topping out of the building.

It’s hard to see from the street level, but the building has some interesting features which you probably haven’t noticed. For instance, did you see the curved terraces on the right side of the building. It echoes the curve of 1010 Midtown across the street.

Ten Seventy Five at the Loews

I’ll get over to the sales center in the next couple of weeks to see how it’s coming along.

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